Surf camp in Tel Aviv – advanced level for kids

Advanced-level surf camp for young surfers


Who qualifies for our advanced-level group?

 Our advanced-level surf camp is suitable          for young surfers who have already learned the basics of surfing and are ready to progress to the next level.                                                They should already have attended a surf camp or weekly surf club and been exposed to a variety of different sea-states and conditions.    Our advanced young surfers receive professional training of the highest level led by Maya Dauber and her team of instructors.

Maya Dauber was Israel’s surf champion for 18 years running, runner-up champion of Europe, and ranked fifth in the world in surfing!

What do our young surfers do in the advanced-level course?

Our advanced-level course teaches young surfers to surf in the deeper water while they experience stronger sea conditions and bigger waves. Here’s some of what our young surfers do on the advanced-level course:

  • Try out a variety of surfboards – one of the goals of the group is to learn to use a more advanced surfboard, and the young surfers will have the opportunity to try out using a hard surfboard.
  • Learn concepts from the world of surfing and apply them in the sea and in the waves, for example, how to turn, how to surf off the lip, how to take the drop in higher seas, and more.
  • Learn about and, through experience, develop a deep understanding of the various sea conditions.
  • Practice on a Carver Skateboard. This is a professional skateboard that simulates surfing while on land. It helps improve stability and also helps to develop a correct surfing technique. We create an individual training program for each young surfer to help improve their surfing technique.

What do we provide for our young surfers at surf camp?

We’ll take care of all the equipment and provide professional supervision of your children during the surfing activity:

  • Each young surfer will receive a professional surfboard suitable for learning.
  • During the summer months a rash guard will be provided. During the winter months a wetsuit will be provided.
  • We’ll provide videos and pictures from the water and the beach, accessible from our Facebook page.
  • Each young surfer will receive a sandwich for breakfast and a drink. Well also provide shade for the surfers when they’re not on the water.

Please make sure your child arrives each day of the camp with sunscreen, a hat, dry (and, in the winter months, warm) clothes, and a towel.

So how does it work?

Our advanced-level surf camp lasts for two weeks (10 days), with each day comprising a 4-hour session. During this time, our young surfers will acquire the correct surfing technique and will receive tools to help them cope with the challenges presented by surfing so as to ensure their success!

Safety comes first at MayaSurf

Our safety measures include:

  • Safe surfing equipment suitable for young learners (special learner surfboards made of soft sponge).
  • A skilled and professional training team with extensive experience in teaching surfing and a deep understanding of the various sea conditions and currents on the specific beach where we teach.
  • The first days of learning are conducted near the beach in shallow water, and each young surfer progresses according to his or her own ability.
  • The number of young surfers participating in each group is limited. Each group contains 3-5 young surfers with an experienced instructor.
  • The activity takes place on a beach which has been declared suitable for surfing and contains a lifeguard station. The camp is licensed by the Ministry of Education and includes insurance.

 To see our young advanced surfers in action, check out our Facebook page

Our surfing activities take place south of the Dolphinarium, away from the hustle and bustle, on a quiet beach which is isolated from other surfing camps. This provides our young surfers with the space they need to surf safely in the water without fear of colliding with other surfers.