Surf course for women – advanced level

Surf course for women – advanced level

Our framework includes consistent lessons, practice, and focus on goals – together combining  a winning formula for a significant improvement in your surfing.

MayaSurf invites you to join our advanced surfing course for women – a surfing practice that will enable you to progress and improve your surfing throughout the year.

Who is this group suitable for?

Our advanced course is suitable for female surfers aged 25-55 who fulfill the following:

  • You have been surfing for at least 2 years and own a hard surfboard of your own – either a shortboard or longboard
  • Surfing is important to you and you want to continue to improve your skills
  • You want to save time and avoid frustration by taking a professional, fast route
  • You’re looking for a regular training framework which allows you to progress with your surfing skills
  • You feel “stuck” at the same stage for a long time without improvement
  • You’re struggling to surf in challenging sea conditions and are only able to enjoy surfing in specific sea conditions such as when the waves are a certain height or you’re on a particularly comfortable wave break
  • You prefer to surf in a group rather than alone
  • You find it hard to find the motivation to persevere in the winter when it’s cold
  • You’re lacking confidence in the water, or are afraid of strong waves or stormy weather
  • You haven’t surfed for a while and now want to get back into it with the help of a professional instructor

What do we do in the women’s advanced-level surfing course?

Here’s some of what we do on the advanced-level course:

  • How to turn on the wave
  • How to improve your performance on the wave
  • How to ‘get into’ the wave so you can perform and finish correctly
  • Learn to handle big waves, including how to stay safe when the waves are high, how to paddle out in stormy and strong seas, how to keep up your energy levels when there’s a strong current, and how to cope when a strong wave breaks on you
  • How to move from a funboard to a shortboard (where relevant)
  • How to paddle effectively on a shortboard
  • How to improve your popup so you’ll be faster on the shortboard
  • How to choose the right shortboard for you
  • How to improve your surfing technique so you surf better and flow
  • Learn when to invest your energy when surfing and when to release and flow with the wave
  • How to improve your stability on the board and work with targeted body movements while surfing
  • Before class, Maya Dauber will draw up a personal plan for you with personal goals so you’ll see an improvement in your surfing as quickly and efficiently as possible for you


If you’re ready to surf this winter, during the best surfing months of the year, and you’re ready to invest your time, put on a wetsuit and let’s get started. The best place for you is with us!

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